Do you have a leaky toilet and live in Kanata, Ontario?  Whether there is water all over the floor or it just keeps ‘phantom flushing’ you’ve found the right place!

To stop costly water loss and damage from getting any worse here are 4 simple steps you can do right now:

Water Shut Off Valve

Step 1 – Turn off the water supply to the toilet and dry the area.  

This will save your home from extensive and costly water damage. To turn off the water supply look for knob behind the toilet that can turn, usually below the tank.  If you are looking at the toilet directly it is always on the left.  Then dry the area well.

Step 2 – Stop using the toilet.  Do not attempt to flush it any more.

Step 3 – Identify what is leaking.  

There are only 5 things which make your toilet leak.

  1. Flapper has become old and deteriorated.
  2. Tank water supply seals are old and need replacing.
  3. Water level set too high.
  4. Wax ring old and dried out.
  5. Bowl bolts attached to tank have come loose.

Step 4 – Call for help.

If one part of the toilet is leaking there are probably other parts of the toilet that need repair as well.  These are all easily repaired when you have the skill, time and the tools. Mr.Fixall is a professional handyman, fully insured and warranties all his work.  He would be happy to fix your leaking toilet so you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your home again.  

Just one quick phone call and you’ll be one your way to beautiful, comfortable, fully functioning home!  No more stress, mess and embarrassing leaking toilets in your beautiful home.

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