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Is your home maintenance to-do list just not getting done?

Are you tired of trying to balance your family, career and maintaining a beautiful home?

If so, you’ve found the right place!

Hi, I’m Gavin Hills — professional handyman and owner of Mr. Fixall.  Helping busy home-owners with home repairs and maintenance is what I do.

Whether you need a toilet fixed, drywall patched or just some random repairs done around the house – I have a wide range of skills and I’d be happy to help you.

I’m fully insured and ready to take care of your home – so you can sit back and enjoy it.

My Story

I have always enjoyed working with my hands.  Growing up, I often helped my parents in their home renovations.

Professionally, I have trained in carpentry and gained experience of over 20 years in woodworking, carpentry, construction,landscaping and office management.

Four years ago I was stuck in an office job and itching for more freedom to spend time with my family and set my own schedule.

My father-in-law was retiring from the handyman service he built over 25 years with his own two hands.

He believed I could take it into the next generation.   It was kind of crazy to leave my 9-5 but I knew this was my chance.  I put in my notice at work, started an intensive apprenticeship and became the new Mr.Fixall.

Now I get to help people by working with my hands.  All my skills come together in this line of work.

And I get to spend time with my lovely wife and kids without asking the boss for time off.

Here’s How I Will Help You Save Time and Eliminate Stress

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a handyman you could trust? Somebody that cared about your home as much as you do?

Somebody that you could have in your home – even when you weren’t there – that you knew had your best interests in mind?

When you work with me, that’s what you get – and you’ll find that it will free up a lot of time and attention to focus on more important things.

When you need something done – just give me a call and I’ll take care of it. And if I can’t, then I’ll recommend somebody that can.

Imagine how much time you will save by having me take care of those pesky to-dos.

And you can stop bugging your husband to do them. I might even help your relationship! Who would have thought?

And of course, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that until you are completely satisfied with my services – you don’t pay a dime.

I’m here to make your life easier, show up when I say I will, and consistently and reliably repair your home with a high attention to detail.

What are you waiting for? Give me a call today for a FREE QUOTE – and say goodbye to home maintenance worries for good.

I look forward to meeting you!
Gavin Hills

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